Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quik Tip

This is the first of my "Quik Tips" I will have on here. It might be something about stamping or a "how to" on a new product.

Quik Tip #1:
Mounting your clear mount stamps.

Step 1:  Peel the backing of the stickers as well as the white backing off the rubber image that matches.


Step 2: with the sheet of image stickers lying on your table place the foam side of your image to the sticky back side of the image sticker. Peel off and voila! you are ready to stick your stamp to a clear block.


Step 3: The most important part....KEEP the rubber sheet that the images come out of. Peel the white backing off the whole piece and stick it to the inside or your clear case. Now you have the perfect way to keep the images from shaking around and a quick way to tell if you are missing a stamp from the set.

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